Great News! (2020-05-22) The message board is now up and running for Crowdsourcing Data Curation. See more recent news.


Enjoy the data power of Wikipedia and DBpedia for fun and learning

WiQiZi is a personal research project of Go Sugimoto (Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities). It is created to experiment a gamefication of Wikipedia and its database version, DBpedia. Using their freely available Open Data (via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and SPARQL endpoint). he has developed a very simple quiz application (more about the project and technical details). All you have to do is to guess something about the data from those datasets.

In addition, if you find you cannot play the game because of data errors, there is a possibility you can help us. You are encouraged to improve the datasets in Wikipedia whenever possible, so the Wikipedia and DBpedia community will gain enormous benefit. This is called Crowdsourcing Data Curation. Anyway, it's an easy game (in case you get lost, user guide is available), the most important thing is to have fun and learn something!